Quakerism at Oak Tree House

A half-hour Quaker Meeting for Worship is held once a week at Oak Tree House.  Attendance is of course entirely voluntary, but all are welcome, whether they have had previous experience of Quakerism or not.  There is also a short moment of silence before the lunchtime meal in the dining room, as a time for prayer or quiet reflection.

Quakers in Central England

There are seventeen Quaker Meetings in the Area Meeting and any of them will be glad to see you whenever you visit. Most meet for worship each Sunday, some more often, some less often. You will find information about the times of each Meeting for Worship and where to find them on the Central England website (see links page).

Quakerism overview

Quakerism is a religious faith rooted in Christianity, but open to new light.  It originated in the turmoil of 17th century England, and the Civil War, when both secular and religious authority was being widely questioned.  Quakers came to the deeply held belief that every person had within themselves an element of the divine.  This understanding, they believed, gave support and guidance through all the perils and challenges of human life.  The Spirit experienced in this way was the source of authority, the focus of worship and the inspiration for serving their fellow men.  No creed or clergy were needed as they met in silent waiting to worship God.

And so it is today; Quakerism is an experience-based faith.  At its basis is the gathered stillness of Meeting for Worship, and our search to live our lives in obedience to the Spirit.  This means that we seek continuing revelation of God’s love and purpose, that we are open to new light, and that our faith must be relevant to the age in which we live.  Meeting for Worship is open to all, irrespective of individual beliefs or none, and can provide a rich experience in which those of different outlooks can share their common humanity in silent seeking.  This tradition has continued for more than 300 years, and is particularly relevant to the divided and distracted circumstances of our times, and the spiritual hunger many experience today.